Investment breadth with operational excellence

At Netwealth we offer you and your clients an extensive range of investment options and great execution.

Investment options

An extensive range of investment choices to fulfil the needs of all your clients

Through our Wealth Accelerator or Super Accelerator accounts super, SMSF or non-super money can be invested in a wide range of options, which means you can tailor the outcomes to the specific needs of your clients.

ASX securities

Invest online in ASX listed securities, including FPO shares, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) as well as certain options and warrants.

Netwealth is Australia’s first retail platform to offer a range of securities listed on multiple international exchanges. Invest in an approved list of securities from multiple exchanges such as NYSE, NASDAQ and the LSE.

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When combined with our Netwealth Accelerator Core accounts, the Netwealth Global Specialist Series (GSS) enables the construction of diversified investment portfolios that are cost-effective for your clients. GSS Funds invest in high quality fund managers with strong track records.

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We currently provide access to 300+ managed funds including multiple investment categories, asset classes and managers. The platform has been designed to easily administer the majority of managed funds available in the market, and can efficiently add new funds if they meet the minimum trustee requirements.

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A carefully selected range of single-sector and diversified investment portfolios are available to be used as part of your managed account solution. Each model is managed by an experienced investment manager.

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Netwealth has partnered with Challenger to give your clients access to a guaranteed regular income stream. Annuities are available for clients with our without a Netwealth super or investment account.

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Choose term deposits of differing maturity lengths from a range of Australian banks. Term Deposits are made available weekly, every Tuesday.

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This is the transaction centre of your account. Here all contributions, income and other receipts are deposited and all purchases of investments, withdrawals, fees, taxes and other costs are withdrawn.

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Transaction tools

Manage investments using transaction tools ranked No.1 by Investment Trends*

Your business is unique, as are your investment processes. At Netwealth we provide you with a number of options for you to manage the investment process efficiently.

Direct investing

Manage client investments and portfolios using a rich set of transaction tools, ranked No.1 by Investment Trends*. Buy and sell listed ASX securities, (including ETFs and certain warrants), international equities (from multiple global exchanges), as well as over 300 managed funds, Managed Account models, cash and term deposits from three leading banks.

Model portfolios and rebalancing

Our model portfolio technology, SMART (Sophisticated Modelling and Rebalancing Technology) means you can efficiently and accurately manage client portfolios either individually or in bulk. Features include: the ability to re-balance multi asset models that are fixed or floating. You can also set substitutions, locks and exclusions as well as construct mixed models of models.

Private label managed accounts

Netwealth offers a customised version of our Managed Accounts platform, giving approved licensees or investment managers the ability to construct their own Managed Account models. This not only offers an efficient branded investment solution for clients but also provides a way to commercialise investment capabilities.

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Investment research

See investments in a completely new way with access to some of the best available research data and tools on local and global markets. With ASX Live you have access to local market summaries as well as your own customised watchlist and alerts.

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